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Cruise for a Cause  Feb. 2019

Adding a “purpose” to a vacation!  Inspired by Michelle Fitzgerald, a member of the Rotary Club
of LaSalle Centennial and avid cruiser, we embarked on an 8 night eastern Caribbean cruise.

The purpose was to meet and interact with other Rotarians on their home turf in Puerto Rico,
St. Maarten, and St. Kitts. 

Through these meetings we wanted to learn about their activities, get ideas, maybe form some
new partnerships, and explore future project ideas. We are hoping this is a first step to future humanitarian travel.

Seven members of LaSalle Centennial made the trip along with 3 members from Windsor Roseland, 1 member from Windsor St. Clair plus 3 friends of Rotary. Not only was it a wonderful fun-filled vacation to a warm sunny destination in February, it provided the participants with an opportunity for service.

Interestingly, throughout our vacation, we had several conversations with people from all over the globe due to the Rotary shirts we were wearing on our outings. People on the cruise stopped to ask us about our group or share information about someone they know involved in Rotary. People from the islands came up and spoke about all of the wonderful things Rotarians have done for their communities. It was very humbling to receive such a warm welcome from people we’ve never met who were eager to share these stories of appreciation. There could be no better reinforcement of the power of Rotary.

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