Crystal Drop Gala

The Crystal Drop Gala (GDC)  is the Rotary Club of LaSalle Centennial’s premiere fundraising event which takes place in February.  The gala was first held in the 2007-2008 Rotary year.  It was inspired by members of the Club who had visited communities in India that were suffering greatly from illness and disease due to a lack of clean water. 


The Crystal Drops of Life initiative was born to address the importance of
clean water; something we all take for granted. Over the years, the club has
been involved in numerous water projects spanning three continents.

The Rajbir Mann International Service Award is presented on this evening to
a member of the Town of LaSalle who demonstrates energetic and enthusiastic
service internationally. 

Roger (Rajbir) Mann, a charter member of the Rotary Club of LaSalle Centennial, has been involved with over twenty-three water and sanitation projects in India, Africa, and Mexico. Witnessing the tragic and unnecessary illness and death of children due to contaminated water affected him profoundly. Roger has visited India and Mexico many times at his own expense to co-ordinate and follow-up with all of these projects.


It is said that water is life, and Roger has witnessed the amazing benefits that clean water brings to a community. When children are no longer ill from water borne diseases, they are able to attend school and further their education. For girls, it often means they no longer have to walk for hours to fetch water for their family, which in turn enables them to attend school, enhancing their economic possibilities.


In 2016, Roger moved to the Cambridge area to be closer to his family. To honour his many years of service, the Rotary Club of LaSalle Centennial created this award.

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Crystal Drop Online Auction 2021

In 2021, in order to be compliant with community restrictions due to the Covid -19 pandemic and cognizant of our commitment to keeping our community safe, we have had to rethink our CrystalDrop Gala.  We replaced the Gala with The Crystal Drop Online Auction. 

CDG 2020

Aruna Koushik was the recipient of the Rajbir Mann International Service award and our guest speakers were Laura Limarzi and Brandon Klyn. Their presentation was entitled “Doing Development Differently” and it focused on their work in Malawi, Africa. 

CDG 2019

Janet Kelly was the recipient of the Rajbir Mann International Service award.